Saturday, January 24, 2015

Slim Down Saturday

Oops...I skipped a week!  But I'm ready to link up up Teaching with a Touch of Pixie Dust's Slim Down Saturday this week.

Things have been crazy busy.  I haven't blogged in forever.  Which totally goes against my goals!  But one thing that I have stuck to is entering my food into My Fitness Pal.

This app is a HUGE help to me.  I love food.  Greasy, cheesy, filled with sour cream food.  Using this app has really helped me stop over-eating and eating such unhealthy things.  I used to eat a Chick-fil-A breakfast every morning!  Now I realize how much of my daily calories that takes up, so it doesn't happen often.  Oatmeal is just fine, thank you very much! Haha!

Here's my Slim Down Saturday update:

Wahoo!!!!!!  I've lost 10 pounds!  I weighed myself for the first time since January 1st this morning.  (Well, at 11:00 when I woke up! Haha!)  I was so excited that I called my boyfriend, mom, dad, best friend, and accidentally sent a text to the soccer association board!

I can't weigh myself every morning.  1) It can be discouraging.  2) I'm not a morning person, and I can't remember anything before I've had some caffeine and a shower.  But this morning I remembered!  And it was so exciting.

What I know has helped has been faithful entering into My Fitness Pal.  Yesterday, my team ordered food for lunch.  So I ate a lite breakfast and used all my calories for the yummy, cheesy, sour cream laden quesadillas and the delicious tortilla chips and salsa! Just that meal alone was 1300 calories!  So I had a VERY lite dinner and managed to just barely go over my calorie goal.  It's just about planning.  Which I have never done.

I definitely need to work out.  Still haven't done it.  I did walk the dogs on Monday, but working out after school is just not possible right now.  Until soccer registration is over (I'm the registrar), I just don't have any time at night.  This is when I wish I was a morning person so I could get up and do it in the mornings!  But it already takes multiple alarms for me to get up from school.  My goal is to get better at forcing myself to workout!!!

Water is growing on me. Yesterday, I bought a Brita water pitcher to try to cut down on the empty water bottles.  I still drink Diet Dr. Pepper, but with a water in between each!  Hey, it's something!

How is everyone else doing?  I'm so excited to be on this journey with everyone!


  1. Hooray for 10lbs!! I am not a morning person either but I wish I was so that I could get the workout done before work... it just doesn't happen. I hit snooze 3-4 times and some days am barely making it to work on time. I am not a fan of water either but I am making it my goal to do a little better than the day before. Have a great week!

  2. Congrats on the 10 lbs! That's so exciting. I'm having similar problems with the after school workouts. I have stuff after school many days that it's hard. I just found this at home 'program' that I might try doing on days when I can't go somewhere to work out. You should check it out. It's called Fit Girl's Guide.


  3. Great job on tracking your calories and making choices about what is worth the splurge. It is all about balance. 10 pounds is a huge accomplishment too! Good luck this week!

  4. Congrats on the 10 pounds! Don't be too hard on yourself about not working out these days. You are obviously doing it right since you are losing so much weight!
    easy peasy education

  5. Congrats on 10 lbs! I love the MFP tracker too. It is a lifesaver. I am in the same boat and have not gotten in the exercise I need to. Don't beat yourself up, just take it one day at a time. Good luck on your goals this week! I know you can do it!

    Luv My Kinders