Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Scoop

It's time for another Sunday Scoop with Teaching Trio!  The last one before I return to school after this glorious two week break!

Here's how my Sunday is looking:

I have to...

So I've had so much fun over this Christmas break.  After some blog-stalking, I realized that I need anchor charts to hang in my room!  They are just too beneficial for the students for me to not have them.  In comes.....Amazon!  I ordered the paper and sharpie markers for them.  This has just added to the pile of other stuff I bought!  

There is a huge pile next to my door of things for me to load up and take to school.  Now just to get there early tomorrow to get everything ready....

This is going to be a busy week, so I have to finish my laundry.  I'm super good at getting everything washed, dried, folded, and hung up.  I'm super bad at putting everything up.  I just leave it in the laundry room.  Ugh.

This week starts me trying to get healthier.  So I have to get excited about it.  I love being unhealthy....I mean, besides the part of getting fatter and clothes not fitting!  I got on My Fitness Pal to help track my calorie intake and make me more aware of what I'm eating.  If you're on there, add me!  annakgreen

I hope to...

It's going to be a cooooold week here in Texas.  So I need to find all my super warm winter clothes and figure out what I'm going to wear this week!

Each Friday, I give my students homework that is due the next Friday.  I haven't had to make it for a few weeks now, so I'm a little rusty!  It's something I want to get done today.

I'm happy to... did I never watch Reign before?  I love this show!  Netflix, you are amazing.  Only 4 more episodes in Season One.  And Downton Abbey starts tonight.....oh the noble classes!!!

Have a wonderful week back to school everyone!


  1. Hi Anna,
    Just found you through the linky. You sound like me...I have so much stuff to bring to school tomorrow! I love anchor charts. The Post-it paper works well. Sometimes I hang mine on coat hangers, too. I will have to check out Reign. I love Downton and can't wait to watch tonight. Have a great week back!

  2. Hi there~

    Linked up, too. Nice to meet you! I'm a huge Downton fan myself! Cannot wait! I'll have to look into Reign. Maybe I'll think it's binge-worthy too! Just finished binging on The Good Wife. Hooked from the start. Have a great week back!