Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Helping Mrs. Claus - Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Today my students are helping Mrs. Claus find where the elves have hidden all her Christmas Party decorations!  The elves left clues in the form of Math word problems.  Students had to solve the problems to find where the decorations have been hidden.

Before we started, I told the students this dramatic story about how the elves thought they were funny, but they were stressing out Mrs. Claus.  She needed their help ASAP!  Haha!

 It was a tight fit to get 8 groups of three in my room, so we only switched the centers around instead of the students moving.  However, I knew that we had plenty of time to do eight math centers, so I wanted them to get as much practice as possible on adding and subtracting fractions!

The students loved these Math Centers, and, for some reason, were fascinated with all the "E" names for the elves!  

This is one of the Math Centers.........

The answer sheet corresponds with each center.  The students answer the questions based on the answers from the centers.

Here is the link for this activity!

Have an awesome week!

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