Friday, December 26, 2014

Winter Math Stations...Just a Little Late!

I've been meaning to blog for over a week now.  Isn't it crazy how time flies at Christmas?!?!?  One day, I'm at school corraling my students at our Christmas party, and it seems like only hours later it's time to open presents on Christmas morning!  At least there's a full week to recover from all the fun of the past few days!

The week before Christmas break, my students reviewed (almost) all of the material that we have covered so far this year with my Winter Math Stations.

After they got over the shock, that, yes, we are working Monday - Thursday of the week before the break, they got down to business!

The kiddos just love group work, and I do too!  On top of getting to see them working together to master the concepts, the conversations that they have about math are just amazing!

(Is it obvious that I tell them to not look at the camera! Haha!)  I am so blessed to work with these students.  The "high" students genuinely care about helping students who struggle with some concepts.  I love hearing the way that they help their fellow students understand, and I'm filing away those explanations that work for tutorials and next year!

The students really loved working on the stations.  I was out sick one day, and the substitute said that they were perfect and on-task the whole time.  PTL!

Now, I am on to planning and getting prepared for January.  I'm about to print and prepare Teaching with a Mountain View's Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Whole Number Task Cards for the week we get back.  Love her stuff!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas Break!

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